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An interesting thing occurred to me last night while I was thinking about crossdressing!Lead.

You see, because:
-Shinya looks one of those rich prissy women...
-Akira looks like a sexy, ev0l, dominant!female school teacher...
-Keifu looks like a maid...
-And Hiroki looks like a guy in a school girl uniform a schoolgirl...

Shinya could be a rich, prissy woman who lives in a gigantic mansion and Hiroki could be his/her daughter (akjsdhsakjf) and Keifu could be a maid in their house and Akira could be a teacher at the school Hiroki goes to. And then Hiroki and Keifu could become like best friends and stuff but only privately because OMG IF MOTHER!SHINYA FINDS OUT SHE'LL FIRE MAID!KEIFU AND OMG THAT WOULD SUCK LIEKW-OAH. And Akira could be one of Hiroki's teachers and because schoolteacher!Akira is verymuchdominantseme! she'll start hitting on schoolgirl!Hiroki and they'll form a twisted student-teacher relationship because omg schoolgirl!Hiroki doesn't want this relationship and schoolteacher!Akira is omg abusive! and shit.

And then Hiroki's grades will fall (except for maybe in Akira's class) and she'll become all depressed and then maid!Keifu will notice (because omg they are like best friends right?) and she'll start bugging schoolgirl!Hiroki to tell her what's wrong and Hiroki is very resistant at first but eventually breaks down and tells maid!Keifu everything but begs her not to say anything to anyone else. And then Keifu is all comforting but inside she is all confused because she has gotten strangely jealous and she is suddenly experiencing all these different FEELINGS for Hiroki and whatnot.

And then one day when Hiroki comes home from school after a "detention" with Akira, Keifu goes into Hiroki's room and tells her to say something to somebody because this is like OMGSEXUALABUSE. And Hiroki is vehement about not saying anything and then suddenly a pigeon flies into the room (lk;ajsfd;lksjfAKJdLKA:sWDAJ@&@Y&#sfUHW@&Y) and scares the shit out of Hiroki and she starts running around screaming and to shut her up maid!Keifu kisses her (AHAHAHA I'M STEALING THIS FROM PAN'S FIC ;ALKSJFLKASDJF).

Then mother!Shinya and a bunch of other servants, having heard Hiroki's screaming, walk into her room and see maid!Keifu kissing schoolgirl!Hiroki and of course mother!Shinya flips out and WEEE THERE'S A LOT OF YELLING MWAHHAHAKSJFLK;ASDJGLSKDJG;AKSDJGL;AD. Then maid!Keifu points to the pigeon and explains exactly what happened. Mother!Shinya calms down a bit after this, but is still very suspicious and wary and keeps maid!Keifu away from schoolgirl!Hiroki as much as possible. This leads to angsting from both parties.

And then of course schoolteacher!Akira finds out what happened, because she is ev0l and has connections like that. Then she decides to "punish" schoolgirl!Hiroki and you can use your own imaginations for this part.

This leads to MORE angst (wee!), and shit happens. Hiroki attempts suicide (DDDDD=!!!!!!!) but of course it doesn't work because I cannot bring myself to kill off Hiroki and everybody flips out and Keifu feels guilty that she was unable to be there for her best friend. And here the story could branch off into two directions:

1) Akira is found out. She is fired and put in jail See edit XDDD. Mother!Shinya watches maid!Keifu and schoolgirl!Hiroki's happy tearful reunion, has an epiphany, and decides to let them be together in whatever way they see fit. Happy ending.

Edit:And then mother!Shinya falls in love with dominantteacher!Akira at parent teacher night. THANK YOU PAN. XDDDDDDD

Edit 2: And mother!Shinya "punishes" teacher!Akira for what she did to Hiroki. *dies* THANK YOU KETSUKI.

Edit 3: (for Shime) Alternatively, teacher!Akira does the "punishing" of mother!Shinya, though for what, I do not know. XDDDD *pets Akira*

2) Akira is not found out. The twisted student-teacher relationship continues. Hiroki becomes jaded. Even when the relationship ends, Hiroki does not recover and instead becomes a drug addict and a cutter. Keifu watches Hiroki's downward spiral with an aching heart. Unable to go on like this, she resigns as a maid and moves far, far away. Years later, Hiroki and Keifu meet by chance. Keifu is happily married with children, while Hiroki is still self-destructive and in an abusive (arranged) marriage. They are awkward around each other, and their conversation is short and halting. The amazing friendship they once had is gone. They say goodbye after only a few minutes. Parting one last time, they are never to see each other again.

......That was on crack. XDD;;;;;;;;;

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